30 ways to make your life more interesting

30 Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting

We are so worried about our future, about our carrier, about our bank balance, about what people think about us that we forget we are going to die one day. Although I would pray, we all live longer; but death can come any time. We are not going to live here forever; we have limited time which we should spend to enjoy our life to the fullest and making our life more interesting.

And you know what the best thing about life is? -You control how you live. Whatever life throws at you, you always have control over how you react to them.

If you get fired from your job, you can either shout at your fate for being so awful, or you could accept it, understand that there is some good behind whatever happens, and open yourself for new opportunities. This is one of the most powerful things I have learned after reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

Now, if you are unsatisfied with your life, or your life has become stressful, or you feel that your life is monotonous and want to make it more interesting, then you are in the right place. I have 30 simple but effective ways which would make your life more interesting. All these points are according to my own experience of life till now. So, here we go…

30 ways to make your life more interesting-


1. Laugh at yourself

Laughing at yourself has some extraordinary benefits like- it makes you an attractive person, improves your sense of humor, helps you handle criticism effectively, and helps you live a thrilling life. So, you need to drop your ego and laugh at your mistakes, flaws, and weaknesses.

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2. Travel

One of the best ways to make your life more interesting, adventurous, and exciting is to travel, meet new people, eat new foods, visit historical monuments, enjoy the beauty of natural wonders, and make excellent memories. You don’t have to travel overseas; you can start small- visit nearby places in your city- and then save money for traveling to popular tourist destinations in your country.

3. Take proper sleep

This may not sound new because we have heard this since our childhood, but do you know, taking proper sleep reduces the risk of serious health problems like diabetes and heart diseases. It also reduces stress and keeps you happy and energetic throughout the day.

Hence, I strongly recommend going early to bed, sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours, waking up early, and watching the sunrise. This would be a great beginning of your day, making it more interesting.

4. Meet new people

Meeting new people can help you learn new things from them, improve your communication skills, get new opportunities, make new friends, be happy and live an exciting life. Wherever you go- parks, theaters, libraries, gyms, clubs- talk with new people and make connections with them.

5. Exercise

If you are not healthy, how can you think of living an interesting life? Health is the most precious gift given to us, and we must take care of it by exercising. Exercise helps you remain healthy physically and mentally, promotes good sleep, and makes you happy and confident. I would say you must spend at least 15 minutes every day doing exercises and yoga.

6. Watch movies

Take out some time off on your weekend and watch a movie which you would like. It is simple as you need a phone and an internet connection. I would suggest watching action, adventurous, sci-fi, or comedy movies which would entertain you. Also, treat a movie as a reward you give yourself because you worked nicely on your weekdays.

7. Read books

Reading books has numerous benefits– it reduces your stress, entertains you, increases your knowledge, develops your personality, makes you positive and confident, etc. So, create a habit of reading books which you like the most- fiction or self-help. You can read as many books as possible for as long as possible; there are no limits because this is one of the best ways to make your life more interesting.

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8. Meditate

Now don’t tell me you have already tried meditation, and it’s boring. Although it may seem boring if you are a beginner, meditation is the most powerful way to make your life interesting. It helps you decrease your stress, anxiety, depression, pain and increase your self-awareness, concentration, creativity, and patience. It allows you to live in the moment and clear your mind of all the negative emotions. So, you must spend at least 15 minutes every day in meditation.

9. Learn new skills

Learn a skill which you think is interesting. It could be anything like photography, graphic designing, singing, comedy, data analytics, marketing, leadership, machine learning, web development. Learning an interesting skill helps you enjoy, develops your personality, and makes you satisfied in life.

10. Write down your life goals

You can’t live a meaningful life without knowing your goals. Your goals give you direction in your life. Hence take a pen and a piece of paper, sit down in a peaceful place, and write down your goals- that you want to accomplish in your life. For example, your goal can be to be an author and travel the whole world.

11. Follow your ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese word that means- a reason for living. Your Ikigai is something you love, good at, the world needs, and you can be paid for. Your ikigai can be anything- singing, writing, comedy, engineering, acting, entrepreneurship, etc. When you follow your ikigai, you would be delighted with your work, create something valuable, and your life would be more enjoyable. So, find your ikigai and spend time pursuing it.

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12. Listen to music

Whenever you are bored, stressed, or discouraged- listen to music, and all your problems would vanish. Music can help you manage your stress, improve your mental condition, and make your mood light. Listening to music is one of the simplest ways to live a more interesting life.

13. Watch comedy shows

Charlie Chaplin once said- A day without laughter is a day wasted. Laughter is one of the best ways to make your life more interesting because it decreases stress, strengthens your immune system, increases positivity, and improves your mood. Hence, I would suggest you should watch comedy shows on YouTube and laugh your heart out.

14. Try something new

Break out of your monotonous life by trying something new like going on adventure sports, complimenting a stranger, eating something new, making a YouTube channel, joining Karate classes, visiting new places, and joining a book club. Trying new things makes your life way more exciting and helps you find what you love to do.

15. Spend time with nature

Spending time with nature can help you decrease your tension, pain, and anger. It also soothes your mind, makes you feel good, and eventually makes your life exhilarating. Hence get out of your house, and spend some time with nature.

16. Practice gratitude

We take everything for granted and forget that there are billions of unfortunate people out there who are dreaming of living the life we are living now. We should express gratitude to the universe for everything we have- food, water, clothes, shelter, health, family, freedom, Internet, phone, and so on. Practicing gratitude will remind you how lucky you are and will make you happy.

17. Live in the moment

People spend most of their time worrying about the future and regretting the past. This is a very effective and guaranteed way to ruin your life. Living in the moment can help us break this habit and allows us to live each moment to the fullest. So, let go of the past and future, and be in the present.

18. Love yourself

How can you live an interesting life if you can’t love yourself? Loving yourself helps you be independent, mentally strong, confident, and experience greater happiness in life. To love yourself, you should stop comparing yourself with others, accept your weaknesses completely, and be happy with your strengths. Develop self-love because self-love is one of the essential prerequisites for living a fascinating life.

19. Stop overthinking

Overthinking is the habit of thinking about something for an extended period of time. It is catastrophic for your mental health as it may cause stress and anxiety. You can’t change anything by just worrying. So, whatever it is, let go of it and take everything lightly.

20. Face your fears

Sometimes we are so afraid of our fears that they suck all the happiness out of our life. We all have a fear of some kind or other- fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of poverty, or fear of death- and it’s completely okay. But what is not okay is to let these fears control our life.

And you know the best way to reduce fear? It is to face the fear. Hence whatever your fears are, prepare yourself and face them. Facing your fears can undoubtedly help you live a more interesting life.

21. Embrace uncertainty

It is human nature to seek certainty and avoid uncertainty. But seeking certainty limits our life to a great extent because uncertainty is where we grow, experience new things, and create something extraordinary.

Also, trying to figure out everything and looking for certainty creates a lot of stress. Most of our worry is because we keep trying to predict the future. Hence the solution is to embrace the uncertainty, to let everything happen as it has to.

22. Look at the bigger picture

Sometimes we get too much involved in our day-to-day events that we feel depressed, lost, and paralyzed. We look at problems from so close even to realize they exist in the first place. Hence, we should zoom out a little, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture. It can help us understand a problem, find effective solutions, reduce worry, and live an exciting life.

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23. Smile

No matter how big a problem you are facing, wear a smile on your face because your smile can make you look attractive and confident, improve your mood, strengthen your mental health, and is a great stress reliever. Smile is a simple act to make your life more interesting.

24. Stop caring about what people think

Caring too much about what people think can result in a stressed, slaved, and limited life. To live your life to the fullest and make your life more interesting, you have to let go of what people think and do what you like to do.

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25. Be independent

If you are emotionally dependent on any people, then I have bad news for you- it can make your life miserable. Your dependency can result in frustration, emptiness, and pain. Whereas being independent is a sign of freedom and strength. Living an independent life can help you make your life more enjoyable.

26. Expect nothing

Expectations are the cause of all the emotional pain we suffer in life. And sometimes, we build our life on the pillars of expectation- expectation from our spouse, friends, career, life, etc. Such a life has to suffer misery because it is just a matter of time when expectations will break.

The solution is to expect nothing and accept everything. Accept everything life throws at you, and you would feel more control over life than ever.

27. Unleash your inner child

We all have a child within us, but most of us have caged it in the process of growing. And the result is a boring and stressed life. Remember when you were a child- you didn’t worry about anything, you didn’t care about others, you were always curious, and you rose every time you fell. Now it’s time to unleash that inner child and enjoy every moment of life.

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28. Be yourself

Don’t try to be anyone else, don’t live according to the expectation of others, don’t compare yourself with others, just be yourself, and you would make your life far more interesting than you can ever imagine. Pro tip: You have to be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

29. Help others

Helping others is not only good for others, but it also makes you happy and satisfied. It makes you feel that you are important and worthy of great things. So, you must help others, no matter how small the help is. You can observe people around you and do anything which makes their life easy, donate unused things, donate to charities, comfort someone in grief, express gratitude towards others, etc.

30. Realize that your time is limited

We are so much worried about our future that we forget we are not living this life forever. You have a limited amount of time before you die, and you must realize this. You should remind yourself every day that you are going to die.

The result of this will be- you would feel liberated, you would tend to enjoy every day, your fears won’t matter, and only which is really important will matter. This would certainly help you make your life more interesting.


Your time is limited, don’t waste it on worry and stress, instead enjoy every moment and make your life more interesting. Live like a child who doesn’t care about anything and is lost in his exploration. Find your ikigai and follow it. In this way, you would ensure that you become satisfied with your life and don’t regret it when you get old.

These were the 30 ways to make your life more interesting. I hope it helped you. And you made it to the end; thanks for reading.

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