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Hi, I am so happy you stopped by my blog.

My name is Saurav Mandal, and I can help you live a better life.

You can expect regular high-quality posts on self-improvement, books, entertainment, travel, and other topics on Expords that will add immense value to your life.

I can help you build rewarding habits, accelerate growth, and inspire you to work for your dream life. Not only this, you can expect quality recommendations on the best books, movies, and places to travel to make your life colorful.

Expords is the platform where I share my experiences and whatever new lessons I learn related to living a better life. I am not an expert, but curious to know new things, and I keep experimenting.

Join in this journey with me to move towards a better life.


From where should I begin? Better from my childhood. So, when I was a child, I wanted to be an engineer.

After 12 years, I graduated with a B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad, and realized it’s not my thing (ouch!).

So, I started doing what I love: reading, writing, traveling, and making videos.

As you can guess, I created this blog because of my love for writing. Every time I share something on this blog, I feel as satisfied as a meditating monk.

Apart from writing on this blog, I am also a freelance writer and have served many clients in the past two years. Guess what? This is highly satisfying.

As I said, I love reading books and have read more than 130 books in the past three years. So, you can hope to find some bookish content on this platform. Reading self-help and fiction books has raised my game in life. Therefore, I promote the habit of reading.

And whenever I get bored of everything, I crave an escape. And, what better option there is than traveling? This makes my life adventurous and colorful. Hence, I document everything about my adventure and exploration on this blog and a YouTube channel.

I believe in living a simple yet effective life and getting the most out of it.

I hope I will succeed in adding at least some value to your life.

Saurav Mandal