Not caring what people think

10 Benefits of Not Caring What People Think

“Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make.”


How often do we limit ourselves by thinking about what others will think?  From wearing clothes, having a hairstyle, uploading a pic on Instagram to choosing a career in life, we always first consider what people will think about us….”You shouldn’t do a business, a government job is secure,” “You shouldn’t choose entrepreneurship, it’s risky,” “Get married now, all of your friends are marrying.”

And here we go choosing a government job even if our passion is business, working 9-5 forcefully even when our heart fabricates at entrepreneurship, or we marry without our choice ending up in a contract… sorry, I mean life-long relationship.

Just three years ago, I was so much controlled by people that I rarely felt alive. My mind was always clouded with thoughts of what people think about me or are thinking about me. Most of my energy and time were drained because of this unproductive habit.

I was always afraid of trying new things, meeting new people, and going to new places. As I just said, I was barely alive. It took me one complete year to understand how detrimental this habit of thinking about others is.

Then I resolved to break this habit and build new ones, like not caring what others think. It was not easy; it took me again two years to be completely free and not controlled by people. Yeah! I know I am slow. But I learned that understanding the benefits of not caring what people think can motivate one to practice a non-caring attitude. And, trust me, if I had continued that habit any further, I would have completed my Ph.D. in ‘caring too much’ attitude.

Long story short: Caring too much about people makes you vulnerable and highly limited. But at the same time, not caring what people think gives you some excellent advantages which I have listed below-

10 benefits of not caring what people think

1. You can do whatever you like

It is a human tendency to fit in and do what others expect us to do, even at the cost of not liking the work as if we will die if we fail to meet people’s opinions. You want to do stand-up comedy because you love it, but society expects you to do a 9 to 5 job. Most probably, you would choose the job because you care what others will say.

But at the same time, if you stop caring, others will not even matter. Just like you, others are also busy caring about what you will think about them. So, stop caring too much. You should be focusing on your goal and not the people. This way, you will have fun doing what you like to do and make your life worth living. You might become unique and create something helpful to humanity.
So next time, choose stand-up comedy.

“Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say.”

W.H. Auden

2. Your life becomes simple

When you care about people, you spend a lot of energy filtering your words and actions. This energy spent can sometimes be so high that you would rarely have any left for your work. You may always be panicking over how others see you, which will leave you with no mental peace, and life will become complicated. Life is an adventure, not Joint Entrance Exam-Advanced. You can simplify your life by not caring what people think about you.

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3. You become independent

If you care about people, you would always be controlled by them. When they say good about you, you would be happy; but when they say wrong about you, you would feel ecstatic…. Is it not? You better know how you would feel. In this way, you become a dancing string puppet controlled by people. Not caring what others think gives you complete control over your life. What people say wouldn’t matter, and the only thing which will matter is how you see yourself. You don’t have to please everyone but yourself.

“If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream.”

-Steve Jobs

4. You become brave

When you don’t care what people think and what their opinions are, you are not afraid of being yourself. It also adds up to your confidence. Most people are afraid of public speaking because they have a fear of criticism. But since you don’t care about others, you become fearless. You can talk with anyone, even your crush, and express your opinions confidently… excited? You won’t have psychological problems like the inferiority complex. All these help you to build a strong personality.

5. You become stronger

Weak people are in extreme need of others’ support and opinions in times of difficulty. They can’t make major decisions in their life by themselves. But not caring what people think makes you stronger. You don’t go looking for external validation in moments of doubt and uncertainty. Instead, you value your own opinions, and you believe that’s what matters. Nobody knows you better than you. And, if you still think people know you better, then my friend, you don’t know those people. Hence, it is always better to follow your intuition and desires.

“When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.”

6. You can love yourself

Often, caring too much about others makes us less important than them. This leads to low self-esteem and inferiority complex. As a result, you would doubt yourself and won’t be able to make crucial decisions.

But when you develop a non-caring attitude, people will not matter. And when nobody matters, you will be the only person who will. You would be confident enough to believe in yourself and ultimately love yourself.

Fun fact: If you can’t love yourself, you can’t live an exciting life.

7. You save time

If you care too much about others, you may waste a substantial amount of your time thinking about them. And, do I need to emphasize the importance of time?

A non-caring attitude would save plenty of time to use on what is really important. You can work on your dreams, you can write a book, you can start your business, you can sing a song, you can do whatever you like.

8. You live in the moment

A non-caring attitude helps you be free from all future worries and past regrets. This results in being in the present, enjoying each moment as it unfolds. You also tend to take everything lightly and accept everything as it comes.

9. You make your life interesting

Not caring about others can help you try new things, experiment with life, make mistakes, and learn from them. Making mistakes is one of the most underrated teachers in our life- because you learn more from your mistakes than you will ever learn from your success.

In addition, a non-caring attitude gives you the freedom to live your life according to your choices and expectations. And, once you experience the freedom that comes from not caring what people think, there is no turning back.

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10. You will have no regrets

Imagine you are old, lived your life, and about to die in few days. Now, would you not regret living a life limited by the expectations of others, a life where you did nothing because of fear, a life where you avoided all the risk and hence the fun?

I guess that regret would be the worst feeling, the regret of not doing when it was the time. But the good news is, not caring about others can prevent this from happening. You have time, and it’s all your choice.

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

Harriet Beecher Stowe


I would say that it is always better to be true to yourself and be hated for it than to be fake and loved by others. Not caring what others think about you is the main key to being happy. Don’t lose this key, or you will never be able to unlock happiness. Not everybody will like you, and that’s alright, you are not Friday night. So, practice a non-caring attitude, and you will experience joy on a completely new level.

These were the 10 benefits of not caring what people think. I hope you liked it. Also, keep visiting and follow us on Instagram- the_expords for living an extreme life.

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  1. Good to know …inspiring things you have written in your post. I am already planning to follow these steps 🙂….others also should follow these steps 🙂

    1. Wonderful post. Well written and easy to understand. Very introspective and honest. Definitely helped my attitude after reading and gave me a sense of gratitude. Thank you!

  2. Bilkul sahi kaha….
    Or mai v yahi follow karta hu kehne wale kehte rhenge karne wale kar k nikal jayenge…….
    Waise bhtt zabardast…

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  7. Thats gr8 I luv this.
    I have family who say I dont need medication for my mental illness, as have not listened & as a result I am better & they have noticed it, ok if I had listened to then I could have been dead
    I find anyone negative I have as little as poss to do with them

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