Self-Love: Simple to Say, Hard to Commit but Not Anymore.

You know what is the simplest yet the hardest thing, we all are aware of but always forget to do is? “Self-love.”
Yes, self-love is something we are all aware of but never commit.

You are the one person you have always been with and will always be with; the person who has been there, through the toughest to the joyous times; the person who has seen all your midnight tears; the person who was by your side in your failures as well as your success. But, that one person is the most avoided one in your life.

Nope, not anymore. Let’s begin your journey to extreme self-love with us. Here we share some of the ways to truly love yourself like a love bird.


Know Who You Are

 Knowing yourself is very important for understanding self-love. In the race of life, we often forget to take time for ourselves. Let’s start with this step. Take out some time for yourself and talk to yourself. Ask- what do you want, do you really want that, what could you do to get that. Soon, you will understand where you were going wrong. You will start understanding yourself. You will stop chasing the things that don’t matter. This will take you to the valley of happiness. Don’t worry! Now that you have started, you are going to land there very soon.


Have Fun With Yourself

 What was the last time you had fun with yourself? Can’t remember? Well, time to add this to your list. Take a break, take a day out for yourself, have fun with yourself. For self-love, it is essential to know your worth. People go into trauma, or they start behaving like angry gorillas just because they feel lonely. But, how can you be lonely when you can enjoy your own company? So, start today. Learn to have fun with yourself. Take yourself on a date. Buy yourself flowers, chocolates, books, or maybe Marvel’s toys. Listen to songs. You can even book yourself a movie ticket. Just do whatever you love. You will start feeling alive like a fish underwater.


Talk To Yourself

 No, I am not planning your ticket to an asylum. Self-talk works. How many times has it happened with you that you feel the urge to talk to someone and no one’s around? I am sure everyone has sensed this at least once in their life. Sometimes, people won’t be around when you really want them with you. But, you will always be there with yourself. So, why not? This will be the perfect time to show self-love. Find a calm and quiet place, maybe your room or the terrace and talk to yourself; share your daily log with yourself; laugh at your own jokes; sing yourself songs or a poem. Now, avoid this in public, or you will have to do this for the rest of your life, in the asylum.


Care For Yourself

 I know this is like the simplest things you can hear, but many fail to perform it. In a research, some people were asked to write the worst they feel about themselves. They wrote several things like- ‘My skin is gross,’ ‘I sound like a goat,’ ‘I don’t deserve love,’ ‘I should die,’ etc.… Now, they were asked to say these out loud to the people they loved the most: spouse, siblings, friends, parents, and so on. They couldn’t. They started crying, they wept, but they couldn’t utter those words to their loved ones. Why is it so casual to treat ourselves the worst we can without even thinking twice? Caring for yourself is not selfish. Self-love is not selfish. You deserve it. You deserve to be cared for by yourself. Cause, for you, you are someone, you are you.


Life is uncertain; you will never know what happens next until you have a secret time machine. So, don’t live in regrets, don’t live lonely, don’t experience the worst when with self-love, even the worst can be converted into the best. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST ONLY THEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LOVE OTHERS, TRULY.

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