Unleash Your Inner Child

Unleash Your Inner Child

You just read the headline but did you imagine? If not, imagine now- there is a child, all trapped, in a cage, with multiple shackles.
Painful right? But, this is the reality, this illusion that you just created is your reality.
No, you haven’t caged any child in your basement (if you have, unleash that child first), but you have caged your inner child with the shackles of adulthood—time to Unleash your inner child.

The paper boat

Remember! when you used to wait for the rain to sail your paper boats? What a beautiful time it was! Life was colorful and free like that paper boat.
I bet you are thinking the same. Just one question, if that memory is so beautiful, then what is stopping you from reliving it? Wait for the rain, make your paper boats, and sail those. Why not? Because your inner child is caged. Unleash your inner child. Now if you are thinking about people, then read this article: Benefits of Not Caring What People Think. Life is simpler than a math book. Some people find even the math book simple. Then, why complicate our life so much when happiness could be found in the simplest things. I

Questions in the answers

The most frustrating thing in a child is- they question a lot. What, why, when, how, but, if… these are some common words you will find in almost all of the sentences they speak.
And, needless to say, this is what makes them special. They are always curious like a cat. That is the reason a child’s mind is more activated than an average adult. You should know- the moment your curiosity dies, your brain is no more alive. It’s just like suicide to your brain. Suicide is the biggest crime. Why commit a crime when all you need to do is unleash your inner child to prevent it. Keep questioning. Question your answers and their answers. Life will become colorful like a rainbow, trust me.

The present.

You must have heard the quote- “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God which is why we call it the present.”
We all love presents, but we hate the most precious present that is gifted to us by God. Our present, once gone, gone forever. But we let it go. Nowadays, we don’t even let our ex go then why let the present go?

You see, this is the beauty of being a child. They rejoice every second of their life. They neither think about their past nor care for their future. They just live every moment like there is no tomorrow. In reality, we have no tomorrow. So, let your inner child speak.

The cotton candy

Now, don’t tell me you have never tasted the cotton candy. I bet you have.
Those pink or white candies that look like pumpkin but turn into a mustard seed as soon as they are in the mouth. But, children are always excited about cotton candies. They know that the candy will melt as soon as in the mouth still; they savor it like any other sweet candy or toffee. Life is no different.

The giant life that you see is the mustard seed. We spend so much of our time overthinking. Either we presume the cotton candy to be giant and get depressed after knowing the reality, or we know the reality and depress over it. Here, we need our inner child the most to savor the cotton candy of life.

The playground

Children love playgrounds. You can’t even love your crush as much as a child loves the playground. Here, I will share a story. So, there was a child who, like any other child, loved to play. He had a playground near his house where he would go with his friends and play. Now, one day the contractors sealed the area for making a multiplex on that ground. The children arranged a meeting, planned together, and fought for their playground, but they couldn’t save it. Soon the ground was converted into a multiplex. For a few days, the children remained sad over it, but they found a new place to play in another few days.

Long story short… they knew when to fight, but they also knew when to move on. You see, they do these things so naturally, and we have to go through depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and what not just to simply get over something.
Remember, you can’t even love your crush as much as a child loves the playground. Let your inner child be out.

The little steps

Have you ever seen a child walking? If yes, you have seen something extraordinary happening in front of your eyes. You must have noticed; they fall numerous times in the process. They even hurt themselves. Little scratches on the knees and elbows are the symbols of childhood. Even you must have had them when you were a child. But did you ever stop trying because of those scratches or because you fell almost every time you took those little steps? No, for sure, or you wouldn’t be knowing how to walk today. What happened to that never-giving-up attitude? When did you grow up so much that you started being a statue after every failure?
Let your inner child walk, let it fall, let it stand up and walk again, if not, then crawl. Life is too short to be stagnant.

The Grudges

Remember your childhood and tell me exactly how many times you had fought with your friends. I can remember a bucket full of such moments. You will also agree that you had more arguments and fights during your childhood than at any other phase of life. But, those fights were the shortest in duration, probably an hour or two. The max it could get was a day but no more than that. When we were children, we had no grudges for others. We would be back to reliving our normal vitalities, with the same person with whom we had had almost a world war the other day.

Growing up makes us live in more and more grudges. You stop talking to a person for years just because they took their selfie when asked to take your picture. Nowadays, people hold grudges over every single thing: “You forgot my birthday,” and here begins the cold war; “How can you speak such words about me? I will never see your face again.” Don’t you think life is too short for grudges? Why waste it? Unleash your inner child, let the child laugh away all the grudges and disappointments.

In the process of growing, people forget that their inner child is dying. Most of the time, people get so involved in their lives that they don’t even notice that one must let their inner child be alive for actually living life to its fullest. Open the cages of your heart and break the shackles, unleash your inner child, let it fly. That child within you will take you to new heights.

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