Death; An Inside Story

Death: An Inside Story: Book Review

Once there is a deep acceptance of death, then life will happen to you in enormous proportions. It’s only because you tried to keep death away, life has also stayed away from you.

-Sadhguru, Death; An Inside Story                                                                  

Do you have a fear of death? Most probably, yes. We all are afraid of death. It is because of uncertainty; we don’t exactly know what happens after death, we don’t know whether there exist places like heaven and hell, we don’t know whether death is the end or there is life even after death.

We have become so good at living our lives that now we are living with more comfort and convenience than ever before. But when it comes to dying well, it’s no better than our ancestors.

We are programmed that death is an inauspicious event from childhood, and one shouldn’t even pronounce the word because if we do so, then the god of death may feel invited and visit us.

We feel that life is good and death is not, that death is the worst thing that can happen, that death is a tragedy, but the truth is not so. Death is the highest relaxation and is an endless possibility. Death is compassion because it relieves us. Life is what it is only because of death.

Death is an important part of our life, the most important part, as it is the final exam. Hence, one should have a good preparation for this exam, which would be possible if we understand the concept of death. The book Death; An Inside Story by Sadhguru can help us in this pursuit.

You could expect death to be unknown and uncertain, and only 35-40 pages should cover all its aspects. But Sadhguru has explained the concept in about 350 pages. You would find every detail you need to know about death in this book.

In the first part of the book, Sadhguru describes the mechanism of life and death. Here he gives an introduction to death and explains its importance. Then he goes on to elaborate on the process of death, Pancha Pranas and Chakras. Further, he has described types of death, predictions of death, suicide, cheating death, seeking immortality, and the most interesting one- Mahasamidhi.

In the second part of the book, Sadhguru has described what a good death is and how we can prepare to have one. He has reflected his thoughts on fear of death and how to overcome it. He has then talked about some of the Indian rituals for death and their importance. This part also contains information about Runanubandha, Kalbhairava karma, heaven, and hell, etc.

Finally, in the third part of the book, Sadhguru offers us interesting insight into ghosts and spirits and how we can protect ourselves from them. At last, Sadhguru explains the process of reincarnation and his past lives.

While reading this book, you would remain interested, although it contains so much information. Sadhguru has explained the concepts in a fascinating but simple way, taking examples wherever necessary. Further, Sadhguru’s sense of humor enhances the reading experience.

The conclusion is, this book can help you to overcome one of the greatest fears of humanity- the fear of death. And it doesn’t matter whether you are seventeen or seventy, you are going to die one day because death is inevitable; nobody can avoid it. So, this book can help you to prepare for death. Indeed, this is a book for all those who shall die.

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