How to fail in life easily

How to Fail in Life Easily

You might have heard a lot about how to succeed in life- hard work, focus, consistency… and so on. But what if one wants to fail?  How to know what are the secrets of top-ranked failures?
No worries, we have got everything. Here are seven amazing ways that will- without fail- help you to fail in life.


1.Be in the comfort zone

Yes! This is the only sufficient thing to ensure your complete failure. Keep thinking, don’t take action, and nobody can stop you from failing. People who have dreams and want success always try to get out of their comfort zone, but if you really want to fail, trust me… keep thinking.


 2.Doubt yourself

Self-belief and confidence are requirements for success, so avoid them if you want to fail badly. Keep doubting yourself, and it will help you to a great extent to fail in your life. Moreover, self-doubt can lead to problems like anxiety, depression, etc., which will again increase your chances of failure. Easy?


 3.Be afraid of trying new things

This comes in the top-secrets of failed people, which they would never tell you. If you too want to fail like them, I suggest you, please be afraid of trying new things. Be rigid, don’t embrace the change, do the things as you always have been doing, and your failure is guaranteed.


 4.Care too much about people

Again, this is a powerful way to ensure failure. Always listen and get affected by what people say about you. I mean, if you stop caring about people and start doing what you like to do, there is an excellent chance that you may become successful and fail to fail in life.


5.Don’t follow your passion

Need I say any more about this one? Passion and purpose are for successful people. Don’t get trapped into these things if you are sure about your desire to fail. So, if you want to be a photographer, never work on it consistently, don’t take risks, and play video games. And you would realize you are avoiding success like a pro.


6.Don’t plan

If by mistake you define your goals and plan how to achieve them, it may lead to success. If you don’t want success, planning is certainly not for you.  To fail in life, be undisciplined, do the easy things like- party every night or watch television. I would say you don’t even have to do that, just sit back, and you will find you are failing with flying colors.


 7.Surround yourself with distraction

This step will help you to get the least out of yourself. The question is how to get distracted. It’s easy- Scroll through Instagram and Facebook, watch Netflix, have some good friends with bad habits, and you are all set. See, simple, right? This trick will definitely help you in distraction, and once you get distracted, your path to failure will be free from failures.


By now, you must have realized how much I specialize in failure. Failing is an art you need not master. You fail in life when you stop working for success. Overall we can conclude that to achieve failure, you just need to stop doing anything, and failure will run banging to your door. But, failures are a part of life and without them, life will be as boring as hell. Remember, failing is natural so embrace your failures, learn from them, and then you may avoid the above seven points to succeed in life.

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    1. WOW! I am actually falling in life right now and your message inspired me !! Thank you so much! I also thought they wrote about me, maybe we are soulmates and we don’t even know it!!

  1. Wow Sir…your blog is awesome…really helpful…looking more such things to keep myself motivated…Thank you 😊

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