How to fail in life easily

How to Fail in Life Easily

Everyone talks about success. Everyone wants to know its secrets.

But honestly, I haven’t tasted any big success (yet). So I can’t really tell how you can make it happen.

However, I am great at failing. In fact, I have been a failure all my life.

  • I failed to get into my dream college
  • I ran away from public speaking events
  • I couldn’t make good friends in college
  • A junior defeated me in a Karate championship (brutally)
  • I failed to grow my book review YouTube channel (it has only 428 subs)
  • I struggled to earn a decent income last year, and the list goes on.

So, based on my expertise in failure, I have decided to share with you five super effective ways to fail in life.


1. Stick to Your Comfort Zone

Believe me, this is a very powerful way to ensure total failure.

And it starts with being completely undisciplined and inconsistent. You shouldn’t work out in the gym every morning, shouldn’t read books daily, shouldn’t learn new skills, you shouldn’t do anything that helps you grow.

Instead, you have to run away from challenges and give up when things get difficult.

In addition, don’t meet new people. Don’t go to new places. Don’t try anything new. Just play it safe.

You don’t even have to get out of your bed. Eat junk and enjoy your day watching TV shows. Easy, right?


2. Doubt Yourself

If you want to fail badly, drop your self-confidence and doubt yourself with all your heart.

Question your capabilities and second-guess your decisions, actions, and thoughts. Thinking small and setting mediocre goals also help in losing the game.

You have to struggle with a negative self-image and fail to recognize your self-worth. You can also feel insecure at work and in relationships.

The trick is to believe that you can’t do it, take it as a fact, and let it sink into the depths of your mind. This way, nobody will be able to stop you from failing.


3. Be an Egoistic Idiot

The ego is another top secret of losers. So, always look for ways to satisfy your ego.

Be an attention seeker. Brag about your accomplishments, exaggerate your abilities, and get people to admire you.

Compare yourself with people who are inferior to feel good about yourself. At the same time, get threatened by other’s successes and belittle them somehow to feel superior.

Also, believe that you are the smartest person in the world who knows everything, who doesn’t need anyone, who must not ask anybody for help.

And don’t forget to be careless about other’s feelings. If you do all these, your failure is guaranteed.


4. Be a People-Pleaser

This is something we all do to some extent. And it’s a great strategy if you want to end up being a loser.

Your mission is to get liked by everyone. So, your first task is to care too much about what others think of you and do only what people expect from you.

Handover the key to your happiness to people. If they praise you, you should feel good. If they criticize you, you should feel bad.

Basically, others’ validation and approval should become necessary for you to feel important.

So, keep your distance from all those situations where you may fail, be judged, get embarrassed, and risk your image. Okay? Good, and you will have your failure.


5. Believe that the Sky is Falling

This also comes easily to many of us. You just have to expect the worst in all situations. Fear the unknown and get paralyzed by it.

You should be like…

AI will completely take over humans, so what’s the point of learning writing.

Global warming will drown the earth anyway, so why should I save money for the future.

There’s a recession coming, why even think about starting a business?

Basically, overreact to threats that are very unlikely to happen. Simply lose hope and panic unnecessarily when things are uncertain. And do nothing.


You Don’t Want to Fail?

So these are the five things that made me such a great loser. Now, I don’t regret my failures because they have taught me what not to do in life.

So, if you are already doing any of the above, chances are you will also fail. However, if you don’t want to fail, simply avoid those five things.

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    1. WOW! I am actually falling in life right now and your message inspired me !! Thank you so much! I also thought they wrote about me, maybe we are soulmates and we don’t even know it!!

  1. Wow Sir…your blog is awesome…really helpful…looking more such things to keep myself motivated…Thank you 😊

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