9 amazing life lessons from the eagle

9 Amazing Life Lessons From the Eagle

Do you know you can learn some great lessons from the eagle? Yes, you heard it right! Eagles have exceptional qualities which can inspire you and help you be strong in life. One of the highest-flying and biggest birds in the world, the eagle, is a symbol of power, victory, bravery, and royalty. This is the reason why they have found their way to the national symbols of 27 nations.

If I speak about my own experience, I remind myself of the eagle whenever I face an overwhelming problem. I am highly motivated by eagles because they don’t fear storms; instead, they enjoy them and use the storm to fly above them. Moreover, they detect their prey with their strong vision and attack it with all their strength. These facts fill me with courage and confidence and help me keep moving ahead in my life.

And, I am sure, after reading this article, you will also get highly inspired by the eagle. So here I have mentioned 9 lessons from an eagle that will force you to get out of your comfort zone.


9 lessons from the eagle

1. Have a strong vision

Eagles can spot their prey up to 5 kilometers below, and their eyesight is way better than most of the other birds. So, when an eagle detects a prey from the heights, its focus becomes narrow, then it soars upward and rapidly descends from the sky to attack.

Similarly, you should have a clear vision and then work with focus to achieve your target. Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” So, always remember this first lesson from the eagle- have a strong vision and don’t take your eyes off the goal.


2. Rise above your problems

Eagles become excited during storms and rain; they spread their giant wings and allow the storm to lift them above the cloud. When other birds hide in branches of trees, the eagle flies above the clouds. While the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring above it.

This is one of the greatest lessons from the eagle, which inspires me like nothing. So often, we feel immobilized because of our problems; we feel hopeless and broken. But once we understand that no matter how big a problem is, we are bigger than them, our way of approaching the problems changes. So, rise above the problems so that they no longer remain a problem.

Lessons from eagle

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3. Find opportunities in problems

In the above point we saw, eagles are the only bird that loves the storm. Of course, a storm is a significant problem for other birds, but eagles find an opportunity of flying high in this problem.

Sometimes we get frustrated with our problems, try to avoid it, and blame God for making us unlucky. However, we forget that difficulties always come with opportunities for growth. This is another eye-opening lesson from the eagle, which tells us to embrace the problems because they have hidden opportunities.


4. Move with speed

Eagles can fly at a speed of 129 km/h, and they are one of the fastest flying birds. So here, the lesson from the eagle is that we should stop being lazy and start building speed. Having speed increases your productivity, and you do more things in a short time. In this information economy where everything is constantly changing, the faster you learn to master complex things, the better will be your chances of achieving success.


5. Get out of your comfort zone

When it is time for the eaglets to learn to fly, the mother eagle throws them out of the nest. Out of fear, eaglets try to jump back into the nest. Then, the mother eagle removes the comfort layers of the nest, leaving behind the thorns. Eaglets, shrieking and bleeding, are thrown repeatedly until the eaglets ultimately start flapping their wings, getting stronger and stronger with each flap and finally flying.

This lesson from the eagle can help you understand the importance of living out of your comfort zone when it comes to learning and growing. So often, we avoid complex and uncertain things because they are painful. But you have to pay the price of discomfort if you want to achieve something worthwhile. If you’re going to fly high, you must be ready for the discomfort.


6. Leave the past, be in the moment

Eagles feed on live food. They never eat dead animals like vultures. Here the lesson from the eagle is you should let go of the past. Often people regret the past, forgetting that they have no control over what has already happened. Past is like a dead moment; hence let go of it and be in the present. You must try to make the best out of this moment because this moment is all you have.


7. Fly high

Eagles are one of the highest-flying birds which can fly at an altitude of 10,000 feet. When they flap their wings, it causes faster airflow at the top, which creates an upward force and lets them fly at such a high altitude. In addition, their long wings help them to soar effortlessly. There are significantly fewer birds that can fly at such heights.

We can apply this lesson from the eagle in our life too. We should focus on flying at higher altitudes so that we don’t get affected by the negativity of those below. Keep improving your flight and try to fly the highest in life because there are no limits.


8. Be courageous

Eagles attack their prey no matter how big or daunting it may be; they fight with it and defeat with all their strength. Even if they fail, they never stop trying. In addition, eagles can kill prey that can be many times their size.

In life, we also face obstacles that seem bigger. But no matter how dangerous it may seem, we must attack it and try to defeat it with all our strength. Success or failure doesn’t matter; what matters is the effort we are putting.


9. Embrace the pain

When eagles reach the age of 40 years, they turn weak, and survival becomes difficult. To regain strength, they have to go through a painful process of rebirth. For that, they retire to a lonely place where they pluck out every feather on their body until they are completely bare and knock their beak against a rock so that the new one develops. This rebirth extends their life for more 30 years.

One of the most important lessons from the eagle is this: No pain, no gain. If you want to achieve something great, if you’re going to change your habits, you have to go through pain and discomfort. And sometimes it becomes necessary to have a rebirth, leave old habits and replace them with good ones. A revival allows us to start a new life with more strength and wisdom.

Lessons from the eagle


We learned some excellent lessons from the eagle- have a strong vision, move with speed, be in the present, rise above the problems, find opportunities in problems, get out of your comfort zone, fly high, be courageous, and embrace the pain. Now it’s no wonder why Lame Deer said, “In the eagle, there is all the wisdom of the world.” So, whenever you face challenges in life and think of giving up, remember the Eagle.

These were the 9 lessons from the eagle. I hope it helped you. You made it to the end; thank you for reading!!!

8 thoughts on “9 Amazing Life Lessons From the Eagle”

  1. There are so many motivational quotes in profound digital world…but these examples are so striking…I found 5th lesson the most effective…doing great 👍👌

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  3. Thank you for sharing these 9 life lessons. I think this is the turning point. God had been giving me visions of an eagle, I’d see an Eagle just as clear in the clouds(shape of an eagle) several times. Then I actually saw an Eagle or at least I thought it was. So I started googling about eagles, took screen shots but a few weeks passed and today The Holy Spirit reminded me to go study the Eagle, find out why God kept showing me eagles. Now I know. I know this is life changing for me. God bless you.

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