The Market

So, there is this fascinating market near my apartment.

It’s a vegetable market, but you will also find fruits, spices, dry fruits, utensils, fast food, and whatnot.

But why am I calling it fascinating?

Because of its vibe, because of the energy it radiates.

You will see scores of vendors with their carts lined along the sides of the road.

A vendor helping a customer choose fresh carrots from the heap,

While another is asking for a change of Rs. 500 to a neighboring vendor.

A vendor is standing near his cart loaded with truckloads of onions, and the horn speaker shouts the recorded message, “2 kg onions in 30 rupees,”

While another is sitting on a stool- bundles of spinach, spring onion, and coriander in front of her- watching people pass by.

A vendor confirming the tomatoes in his cart are fresh even though they are somewhat spoiled,

While another is busy serving the crowd gathered near his cart.

A vendor is counting money with a smile on his face, evidently because all his vegetables are sold,

While another with earphones plugged, so engrossed in the music that he doesn’t care about the bananas he has to sell.

A vendor is gossiping with her neighbor but rushes to attend to the customer, who seems to have some attachment to the broccoli on the cart.

While another is yelling at the top of his voice, “6 kg potatoes in 50 rupees,” “6 kg potatoes in 50 rupees.”

And hundreds of customers, some examining the quality of capsicum, some waiting for the vendor to pack jackfruit in the polybag, some scanning the Paytm code, and some stepping from one cart to another.

The place produces a loud and chaotic noise, you would hardly hear yourself above all the hubbub in the atmosphere.

The hustle and bustle of the crowd, the enthusiasm of the vendors, everybody looking for better deals, everything unorganized and imperfect…

All of these make me feel alive!

A trip around the market, and I would go from sluggish and gloomy to active and elated.

This is why, I am afraid, I have got addicted to visiting the market.

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