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I Read 137 Books in the Last 8 Years

I read 137 books in the last 8 years.

(Feeling ridiculously good to say this.)

I explored various types of books, from non-fiction to sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery novels.

And I found that fiction books are one of the BEST sources of entertainment (just like scrolling LinkedIn).

Reading a story about a person is like LIVING HIS LIFE.

Or, as George R.R. Martin says, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.”

So, I loved being a brave wizard like Harry Potter, a genius detective like Sherlock Holmes, and sometimes a warrior like Paul Atreides having a terrible purpose.

Apart from the fun, fiction books help me:

⚡ Improve my writing skills
⚡ Be a better storyteller
⚡ Enhance creativity
⚡ Be empathetic
⚡ Reduce stress

Currently, I am reading Dunes by Frank Herbert, a thrilling sci-fi novel.

It’s no surprise I wake up every morning excited to know what happens next in the story.

In contrast, I read non-fiction because they help me improve my life (although they are somewhat boring).

These books expose me to the knowledge and experiences of brilliant people,

And teach me how to-

⚡ Build good habits and discard the bad ones
⚡ Manage time, money, and relationships
⚡ Be creative, courageous, and confident
⚡ Work smart and be disciplined
⚡ Build the right mindset
⚡ Be humble and kind

The list would go on.

My point is reading books is a POWERFUL habit (more powerful than nuclear explosions).

It has transformed many people (including me).

It can do the same for YOU.


And, here is a video I made to document my story of how I came into Reading!

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