These 27 Sentences Will Make You Stronger Than 93% of the People

These 27 Sentences Will Make You Stronger Than 93% of the People

So, I have a diary where I write one-liners. These sentences are mostly about getting the most out of life, about designing an unlimited and fulfilling life. I write them so that I can read them repeatedly and remind myself what I am supposed to do.

Today, I am going to share some of the most powerful sentences from my diary. I would suggest you read them again and again. Let them get imprinted in your mind and body. And you will be surprised by the mental strength they will give you. So here we go…


1. The only mistake you make is not learning from your mistakes.

2. You become inhumanly strong when you try to impress only one person: you.

3. Making things difficult is nature’s way of keeping balance so that only the deserved gets the reward.

4. Most of your problems in life arise because you are trying to control things you can’t control- the outcomes of your effort, what people think about you, what people do to you.

5. The only person you have to compete against is yourself.

6. Know who you are, accept your imperfections, own your weirdness, be yourself, and let the world adjust.

7. Picture a giant tree and say this in your mind, “The longer the time it takes to grow, the stronger the root.”

8. Everybody is different, so comparing yourself to others is simply a waste of your time and energy.

9. If you have the courage to fail again and again and again, you will be insanely successful.


10. If you can keep calm in a chaotic situation, if you can keep going no matter how tough it gets, you are unstoppable.

11. All the effort you put in to achieve a goal is safely deposited in your ‘hard-work’ account, which you will be able to withdraw when the time is right.

12. If you can take a difficult and less traveled road, you will enjoy far more peace and freedom than most of the world.

13. 5 years from now, it won’t matter how you feel today, the only thing that will matter is what actions you take today.

14. If you have made a choice, instead of questioning it, focus all your energy on proving that choice right.

15. You learn the most when there is nobody to cheer you but yourself.

16. Consistency beats hard work.

17. Thank life for the challenges it gives you because those challenges are what fuels your growth.

18. Life is nothing but a long problem-solving assessment.


19. Read books where the author shares a lifetime of their lessons, and you will get an unfair advantage.

20. No matter how much you love a work, you won’t always love doing it.

21. You don’t have to be gifted; you just need to put in consistent and strategic efforts, and you will be able to master any skill in the world.

22. Inventing a time machine is easier than pleasing everyone.

23. No matter what happens, you will always be free to choose your reactions, feelings, and actions.

24. No matter how good you are or how noble your purpose is, you will always be judged, hated, and criticized.

25. Do uncomfortable things daily, and your mind will be so tough that nothing in the external world will hurt you.

26. Shut down the external noise and spend some time daily with yourself in a quiet and dark room, listen to yourself, and you will find most of the answers you are looking for.

27. Remind yourself that we all will die one day, remind yourself that everything is temporary, remind yourself you have nothing to lose anyway.

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