How Movies Turned My Life into an Epic Adventure

How Movies Turned My Life into an Epic Adventure

I was in 8th grade, and it was the last day of school right before the summer break.

There were happy faces everywhere.

But I was lost in this pen drive in my pocket.

Now, this wasn’t just any normal pen drive – it was a 16 GB SanDisk loaded with Hollywood movies!

You see, I was a die-hard movie fanatic back then, the kind who’d sometimes binge 2-3 movies in a single day.

And guess what? I had this friend in school who knew some guy with WiFi, downloading unlimited films (this was back in 2013 when we were stuck with that sluggish 2G network).

So I had my friend copy some great movies into my drive.

Man, oh, man! Those weren’t just movies, they were bits of happiness hidden somewhere in that SanDisk.

So every now and then, I would fish out the drive from my pocket and take a close look at it, hoping to catch a glimpse of the movies in it.

And when I finally got back home, you bet that pen drive was getting plugged into my laptop with a whole lot of excitement.

I didn’t know I was living a dream.

I think I finished around 50 movies during that summer break.

I still remember that feeling of a twinge in my heart when Captain America woke up after 70 years of sleep and said, “I just… I had a date.”

Then I would get into tears when Dumbledore asked, “After all this time?” and Snape replied, with a weight of intense sadness and love, “Always.”

And there was this epic heist scene in Fast Five that had me on the edge of my seat, cheering with pure excitement.

And it wasn’t just one or two movies, there were many others I loved, like The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Ghost Protocol, Ratatouille, Life of Pi, Ice Age, and many others I don’t remember.

Today, as I look back, it’s these memories of those movies that put a bigger smile on my face than any grades I ever scored.

Back in those days, little did I know that films would be such an important part of my life.

Movies like Pursuit of Happiness, Whiplash, and Interstellar gave me the hope to plow through my tough times and inspired me to chase my dreams with unwavering commitment.

Gems like Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption taught me subtle yet eye-opening lessons about life, success, and happiness.

Action-packed movies like End Game, Avatar, and John Wick gave me unlimited thrills and made my weekends come to life.

Then there are mind-bending pieces like The Truman Show, The Platform, and The Discovery, which left me pondering over the reality of this society and our existence.

And let’s not even start on how The Hangover, Johnny English, and Deadpool had me erupting in fits of laughter time and again.

I have to admit movies have filled my life with all sorts of vibrant colors, and you know what? I crave that rush of excitement right before I walk into the theater to witness a masterpiece.

Be it moments of joy or sorrow, success or failure, love or loss, hope or doubt, movies have always stood by me, supporting me in my journey.

They made me believe that no matter how terrible a situation may appear, things always find a way to settle in the end.

And since I fell in love with movies in my childhood, I have a deep interest in stories and the art of storytelling.

So this is why I am telling you this story of mine with a joyful smile, resting heart, and twinkling eyes.


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