3 Powerful Lessons I Have Learned in 2021

3 Powerful Lessons I Have Learned in 2021

Every year is an opportunity for you to learn something. These 365 days is a long time that may completely change you from who you were initially (increased following on Instagram won’t count). Sometimes things work out; sometimes it doesn’t. But you always learn something, which adds to your experience.

This is December 21st, and the year is about to end (yes, I am a genius). In this post, I have shared the three best lessons I have learned this year. If these are powerful enough, you may learn from my experience and save yourself from committing the same mistakes. So, let’s begin with the first one.

1. Dots do connect

I was an intern in an ed-tech startup at the beginning of this year. I was on the marketing team, and my role was simple- find mentors for the platform. I was doing this to gain experience of working at a startup, and I wanted to learn marketing.

Then one day, the founder asked me to learn graphic designing in Adobe Illustrator and design some marketing templates. There were no graphic designers, it was a budding startup, and we were the only team of 6 people (including the two founders).

Now graphic designing was new for me; I didn’t know anything about it. But I was willing to learn because I knew it would help me somewhere in my future. So, I worked day and night, watched tutorials, practiced on Illustrator, designed ugly banners, and did it for around 25 days.

Now, I am not saying I became a graphic designing expert in 25 days on my own. I just learned the basics and became confident enough to design a poster that seemed okay. My internship ended, but my skill remained (a somewhat rare skill for an engineer).

Three months later, I launched my blog Expords and its social media pages. And, now you know how valuable graphic designing skills proved to me. I had to design logos, social media posts, images for blogs, and whatnot. Since I knew the basics and was confident, I could design them according to my requirement. And, it was one of the reasons why I felt confident to start my blog in the first place.

The lesson here is nothing goes to waste. Each and everything you learn and experience will become useful sometime in your future. It may not be soon, you may not understand the importance of what you are doing now or how your present experiences will help you in the future, but they will eventually.

So, have patience, and give your best at what you are doing in the present, because it is preparing you for the future, because dots will ultimately connect.

2. Just do it

It was May 2021; the scorching sun had made the weather as hot as an oven. But I was heated more because of my confusion. I was thinking of starting my YouTube channel but was unsure whether I should do that. First of all, it was a big step for me (an introvert), who rarely showed up because of the fear of being judged and criticized.

Second, I didn’t know that opening a booktube channel would be a good idea (books are underrated, and very few people are interested in booktubers).  Third, I was confused about the language- Hindi or English. Both have their own advantages, and that boosted my confusion. Fourth, I planned to make summary videos of self-help books, but the idea seemed awful. I didn’t want to preach and become a philosopher without having any success of my own.

There were more similar confusions. But I knew I had to start because I had (still have) an interest in books and a desire to do something interesting. So, I was torn apart in two parts; one believed that I should get started with my YouTube channel, and the other was against it. I literally spent two and half months overthinking. I was uncertain and hopeless.

But in around mid-July, I somehow firmly decided I would do it. So, I wrote the script for my first video, shot the clips, edited them, and after seven days of hard work, the video was ready. I uploaded it, and felt incredibly satisfied and victorious, as if I had won a war.


You would be surprised to know; never after uploading my first video, I was confused about whether I should continue with my YouTube channel or not. In fact, I regretted why I didn’t start early. It has been six months, and I enjoy making videos like a sponsored world trip. You won’t find a thousand subscribers on my channel; very few people like it, but it is so much fun to make videos and share them with the world. Creating Expords YouTube channel is the best decision I have made this year.

The lesson? Just do it. Do what your heart tells. If it doesn’t work out, you will learn from your mistake. If it works out, congrats on your sponsored world trip.

3. Focus on the efforts

My YouTube channel was (it still is) going well; I made videos with a lot of hard work and tried to give value to my viewers. But then a problem came, as it always does. There were so little views on my videos. I was continuously working 2-3 days to make a single video, and what did my video get? Just 20-30 views? It’s not fair.

I constantly checked analytics to see how many views the videos got and how many people liked and commented. But they were very few. Some of my friends supported me by liking, commenting, and sharing; other than that, there was nobody.

I saw other YouTube channels with millions of views within an hour of uploading the video, and here I had 20 views (not likes) even after a week. This really pissed me off. I started comparing myself with others and felt low.

But after a few months, I realized my mistake. I was focusing on the results instead of focusing on the efforts. Results will ultimately come if there is effort, so it is always good to care only about the latter. Also, results don’t come all at once; it takes time. How can I (with 2-3 months of efforts on the channel) compare myself with YouTubers who have been putting in effort for the last 5-6 years. It was so stupid of me.

So, I decided to ignore the results and concentrate on the efforts and on making high-quality videos.


Final Words

Although there are many lessons, these are the three best lessons I have learned in 2021. The best thing about this year is I have tried many things, made mistakes, and learned. I hope the post was worth your time. Let me know in the comments what is the best lesson you have learned this year. Also, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I mostly talk about books. And, thanks for reading.

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