15 Best Book Blogs

15 Best Book Blogs to Discover Amazing New Books

There are very few habits that are both productive as well as entertaining. Reading is one such habit. While reading fiction books is one of the best sources of entertainment, which makes you empathetic, creative, and a better communicator, non-fiction books are one of the best ways to increase your knowledge and wisdom.

But the only problem with reading is, finding the right books. It’s not easy to pick the right books every time to satisfy and fulfill your expectations. And you might have experienced, sometimes even popular books turn out to be a waste of time. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, you are at the right place.

In this post, I have pulled together a list of the 15 best book blogs on the internet that will make your TBR list full of excellent books. They post reviews, recommendations, and news about upcoming books to keep you updated with everything you need to know as a reader. Go through the websites and bookmark them because they are going to be your all-time reading companions.


Best Book Blogs to Follow in 2022

1. Book Riot

Book Riot from New York is one of the largest book websites that shares innovative and valuable content for reading enthusiasts. From book news, recommendations, reading tips to best deals at Amazon, this site will help you find extraordinary books and keep up with the latest updates in the book industry. The site focuses on various genres, including romance, young adult, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, comics, non-fiction, etc. The books are explained in a concise, interesting, and simple way that would easily let you know whether you should go for them.

2. Kirkus Reviews

If you want the latest literary news, book reviews, and recommendations for various genres, you would love this website. Kirkus is one of the most trusted voices in the readers’ world that strives to share authentic and valuable information. The platform also talks about movies based on novels, upcoming books, new releases, and shares the list of best-selling books every week. Whenever you feel you don’t know which books to read, visit Kirkus, and you will find dozens of good books every day.

3. BookPage

This is a book review publication based in Nashville that informs the readers about the best books published every month. For the past few decades, BookPage has been helping readers find good books to read in various genres like romance, literary fiction, biography, history, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, etc. You can expect book reviews, author interviews, lists of most anticipated upcoming books, etc. The site publishes independent views to ensure sharing honest and real opinions.

4. A Life in Books

Susan Osborne, the creator of A Life of Books, talks about the books she reads, and mind it, she reads a lot. Her reviews and lists will help you find excellent books that are unpopular and difficult to discover. She also posts about upcoming books, bookish thoughts, and travel experiences. As a passionate reader, her love for books will inspire you to be a better reader and enjoy the process.

5. Reedsy

Reedsy is a prominent book website that is visited by readers as well as authors. Authors submit their books on the platform, which gets rated by the reviewers on the site. If a book earns a high rating, it gets featured on Reedsy. So, you can expect to find excellent new books on all genres. The site contains quality blog posts about book recommendations, tips to be a good reader, and ideas to convert reading into a profession. The attractive photos and design make the site aesthetically pleasing.

6. Booxoul

Booxoul is an Indian-based website that started its journey in 2017. The website features book reviews that are honest and genuine. It supports the authors in promoting their work and helps readers find good books to read. Apart from this, Booxoul also publishes content on demanding topics like lifestyle, travel, and entertainment. Visit the site to find out how it got featured on reputed platforms like BuzzFeed Books, Outlook India, etc.

7. Amazon Book Review

From the latest books, quality book recommendations, celebrity picks to author interviews, Amazon Book Review has everything you need as a passionate reader. The Most Recent section on the site will tell you about all the upcoming books and best books to read every month for all the genres in fiction and non-fiction. You can also expect personal picks from Amazon editors to help you find unputdownable books to read next. The books are described in a short and crispy fashion to ensure you remain engaged.

8. From First Page to Last

Janet created From First page to Last to share her passion for reading. This independent blog is an excellent platform where you will find author interviews to help you understand the process behind writing a book. The reviews and recommendations on the platform will undoubtedly help you discover good books to add to your reading list. The site has been regularly sharing content since 2014 and has a huge archive of bookish posts.

9. New In Books

If you are a book lover who wants to keep up with all the new books, then this website is for you. This platform runs with the philosophy that readers should use their time in reading and not searching for good books. The site will inform you about all the latest releases in various genres like mystery, romance, science fiction, literary fiction, young adult, biography, memoir, etc. In addition, the platform features author interviews and news to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the book universe.

10. Vidhya Thakkar

Vidhya Thakkar is an avid reader from India who has been sharing her bookish opinions since 2017. Her blog contains more than 500 reviews that will help you discover splendid books. In addition, she also expanded the scope of her blog by covering food and lifestyle content. She has worked with numerous authors and publishers, and her blog got featured as the top 3rd Indian Book Blog by Feedspot. If you are a reader who wants to turn passion into a profession, you should bookmark this website.

11. 49th Shelf

49th Shelf is a Canadian book website that has the largest collection of Canadian books on the web. The site aims to help readers easily find the next great Canadian book from all genres, from famous authors to rising talents and from established publishers to new ones. On the Book Lists section, you will find categorized and featured lists of books to quickly discover masterpieces. The New Books section on the platform shares everything about the latest titles that you can’t miss.

12. BookBub

If you are always confused about which books you should pick next, this website is for you. BookBub features excellent book recommendations, handpicked deals, news realted to authors, etc. From romance, mystery, science fiction to cookbooks, this platform will help you discover quality books from new as well as established authors. Some popular blogs posts are- Books to make You Smarter, 62 Best Book Series of All Time, Top Fantasy Worlds in Literature, etc.

13. Kevein Books and Reviews

Kevein Books and Reviews is one of the best book blogs from India that focuses only on reviews. The site shares honest opinions on books of all genres, from fiction and non-fiction. The reviews are detailed and posted regularly to keep the readers engaged. The platform will help you find good new books that are unpopular. And, you will love this site if you are an Indian reader.

14. Aestas Book Blog

Aestas Book Blog is another top website for quality book reviews. The author created this website when she found her interest in books and shared her thoughts about various reads. You can find posts on new releases, favorite books, reviews, upcoming books, news, etc., which will never let you miss any new book. The blog is independently run where the author posts her own opinion about books.

15. Kath Reads

This blog has a quote written at the top of the home page, I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place. Kathleen, the creator of this blog, is a book lover from the Philippines and currently living in Germany. Her favorite genres are young adult, romance, literary fiction, etc. Her website contains honest and spoiler-free book reviews and excellent book lists. Take a look at her site to find some fantastic books to read and get lost in a whole different world.



These are the 15 best book blogs on the internet that every reader should know about. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other good blogs and websites about books. However, the above platforms are an excellent place to start. You can let me know in the comments which of the above sites you liked the most.

Reading is one of the most rewarding habits that always help you grow as a person. Reading every fiction book is like going on an all-new adventure in a new world and living a new life. So, don’t waste a second, because there are so many books and so little time. Go through these best book blogs, find a good book and get into the adventure.

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