How to Go Viral on Medium

How to Go Viral on Medium

I went viral on Medium. And this was my first time.

This viral post alone gave me around 90 followers and helped me cross the 100 followers mark. It’s a big deal for me as a beginner.

It feels great to see hard work paying off. And I want you to experience the same.

So, I analyzed my viral story. And I found some subtle things that make a big difference but are often overlooked.

In this blog post I’ll share 5 such things that will help you go viral on Medium. Stick with me and you’ll know how to get more reads and followers easily.


5 Underrated Tips to Go Viral on Medium

1. Provide Insane Value

The main reason Medium posts don’t get read is that the writer writes it for themselves. Unless those writers are someone like JK Rowling, readers don’t care.

My point: You’re writing for your audience. So you’ve to keep them in mind and deliver value to them.

For instance, if you see my viral Medium story, you’ll see it’s loaded with value. From start to end, I’m trying to help writers. I’ve provided practical tips with explanations and benefits for each.

How can you do that? Identify your audience’s problems. Find out what keeps them up at night and what’s the first thing on their mind in the morning. Then, offer solutions to their problems through your post.

That’s it. That’s the only way to keep the reader interested. That’s how you can go viral on Medium.


2. Make it Stand Out

This is incredibly important. Always think about how you can make your Medium story stand out. Try to say something valuable on the topic that hasn’t been said before.

For example, before writing that viral story, I went through blog posts about the habits of successful writers. I noticed they were all saying the same things – write in the morning, write daily, read, etc.

I knew there was more to that topic. So, I researched deeply and found some unique habits no one talks about.

You can scan books, read blog posts, watch videos, and listen to podcasts for research. This will tell you what’s cliché and what’s unique.

The best part: Share your personal experiences. See what helps you and how you’ve solved problems. Most often, those things would be unique and help you go viral on Medium.


3. Sprinkle Your Stories

If you look at my viral story closely, you’ll see I’ve shared my personal stories throughout the post. I’ve talked about the challenges I faced and how I solved them.

This is what makes the post memorable. This tells the reader I’ve already practiced the things I’m talking about and seen the benefits. So, the reader has no choice but to trust me.

Remember, your personal stories are the most powerful thing you can talk about in Medium. Because they are completely unique. No one can copy them.

And in the age of AI, where anyone can write robotic informative posts, your personal stories stand out. They are the sign that you are human. They help your readers connect with you and understand you better.

So, don’t just talk information. Try to combine it with your stories. This will make your post way more compelling and engaging. This will help you go viral on Medium.

That reminds me of the next point…


4. Make it Interesting

A boring story is like a torture to the reader. Only family members can read it with a smile. Even they might feel sorry for us secretly.

So, always look for ways to make your story engaging. Your story should be a thrilling ride for the reader. That’s your job as a writer: to please your reader.

Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Come up with a catchy headline that makes them open your story
  • Convince them why they should read in the first few lines
  • Talk about the reader’s problems so they know it’s for them
  • Share personal stories to create a connection
  • Use quotes that fit with your points
  • Crack a few jokes to make it light and entertaining
  • Throw in some relatable pics with a creative caption
  • Make the transitions from one paragraph to another really smooth

These things help me keep the reader engaged till the end.

However, there is no magic to go viral on Medium. You have to put in the effort. So, read a lot of Medium stories and blog posts and analyze what makes them good. What makes you click on the title and keep reading. And then apply those things to your story.


5. Take Care of the Formatting

This is the most underrated point of the five which can help you go viral on Medium. People often overlook the formatting.

Formatting is the first thing your readers see when they open your story. It’s what makes the first impression. So, you must make it look good.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Use visuals to help the reader imagine.
  • Write subheadlines to make the story easy to scan.
  • Use bullet points to make your points stronger.
  • Write short paragraphs that have lots of white spaces.

Remember, white spaces help the reader breathe. It makes your story easier to read. So, always try to say less in more.


You’re Ready to Go Viral on Medium!

However, don’t expect any quick results. I’ve written over 25 stories in the past 5 months, and only one story got viral. That too, after 70 days of posting it.

So, write consistently. Take more shots. See what works and what doesn’t. And write to help your reader. One day, you’ll wake up and find you’ve gone viral on Medium.

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