My Story of Procrastination

My Story of Procrastination

So, I make vlogs for YouTube. Nothing surprising. But what is shocking is I took eleven months to make a single video of 12 minutes. Nowadays, vloggers upload videos every day, and here I am taking over 330 days. I am mostly not that slow. The vlogs I make consume around 5-7 days from shooting, …

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A Man Called Ove book review

A Man Called Ove Book Review

Book: A Man Called OveAuthor: Fredrik BackmanPublisher: SceptreFirst Published In: 2014No. of pages: 320Major Characters: Ove, Parvaneh, Sonja, Rune, Jimmy I had planned to read A Man Called Ove almost two years back. I used to see this book everywhere- Amazon, Goodreads, book shops. And the impressive reviews pushed me to put it into my …

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A Strange Holi

I was with my friend in our apartment and we wanted to enjoy the festival of colors. A typical celebration of Holi looks like a group of people- mostly friends and relatives- applying color powder and throwing bucketfuls of water at each other. You would also see loudspeakers playing and people vibing with the songs. …

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The Market

So, there is this fascinating market near my apartment. It’s a vegetable market, but you will also find fruits, spices, dry fruits, utensils, fast food, and whatnot. But why am I calling it fascinating? Because of its vibe, because of the energy it radiates. You will see scores of vendors with their carts lined along …

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Saurav Mandal- Expords

I Read 137 Books in the Last 8 Years

I read 137 books in the last 8 years. (Feeling ridiculously good to say this.) I explored various types of books, from non-fiction to sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery novels. And I found that fiction books are one of the BEST sources of entertainment (just like scrolling LinkedIn). Reading a story about a person is like …

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